Young Teachers Concerns Highlighted at 2017 Conference

Young  teachers  , those aged below 35years, attending the 36th Annual National  Conference have  called for the establishment of an interim committee at national level that shall work with the research department in articulating and   establishing the young teachers’ roles within the union structures and  an increased number of workshops in order for their mandate to be quickly cascaded to their peers, among  many other recommendations.

Created on 14 July 2017



Women in ZIMTA Moot Enhanced 2017 Activity Plans

Women attending the 36th Annual National Conference this year in Harare have called on the Union leadership to ensure that there are clear budget lines for women activities for the remainder of 2017, this is meant to increase women participation in ZIMTA activities.

Created on 14 July 2017



Teachers Demand Better Salaries and Conditions in 2017

Teachers in ZIMTA have resolved to   put more pressure on their employer, the government, in demanding for accountability and transparency on issues to do with their remuneration and the betterment of their   conditions of service.
The teachers declared that it was high time   for government to stop its blame games and explain fully why teachers could not be properly remunerated.

Created on 12 July 2017




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