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THOUSANDS of orphans and underprivileged primary school pupils under the Basic Education Assistance Module are likely to be stranded after Unicef pulled out of the programme.
Created : 05 July 2012
Adapted from The Herald
Unicef has been supporting more than 400 000 disadvantaged primary school pupils for the past three years.
Government fully pays tuition fees for BEAM secondary school children while donors, through Unicef, catered for primary school pupils.
Education, Sport, Arts and Culture Minister David Coltart yesterday said the pull out by Unicef would have “serious consequences” on the underprivileged children.

The development, he said, would “heap” more responsibilities on an already constrained Government.
“The move is going to have serious consequences on the lives of pupils under Beam,” said Minister Coltart. “What this means is Government will be forced to settle the difference but it’s common knowledge that Government does not have the resources.

“Last term, more than 400 000 pupils in primary education were supposed to benefit but not all of them got the assistance as funding from the donors was not enough.
“Government on the other hand has been struggling to cover the secondary school pupils,” he said.

BEAM was set up in 2000 to provide school fees for disadvantaged pupils.

Minister Coltart said the British Department for International Development, which paid a huge chunk of the fees for the pupils last term, indicated that it would also stop funding the programme next term.





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