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Civil Servants   have petitioned the Minister of Finance, Mr. Tendai  Biti over the non-provision of salaries review for the civil service in his mid- term national budget review statement.
Created :27 July 2012
 A petition was also extended to the speaker of the House of Assembly, Hour able Lovemore  Moyo who has been tasked to cause deliberations in Parliament on the issue of civil servants salary reviews.
The march which was held on Tuesday  the 24th of July ,  began in the Harare Gardens where civil servants , mostly the teachers gathered chanting songs and dance and calling on the authorities to consider their plight. The teaching profession has been hardest hit with the payment of low salaries of civil servants by government.
Several Union leaders took turns to address  the civil servants gathered at the occasion after which a procession was held towards the Ministry of Finance where a petition was expected to be forwarded to The Minister of Finance , Mr.Tendai Biti.  However the APEX Council leaders were met with strong security which locked out the worker’s leaders and denied them access to the offices of the finance minister. The outgoing APEX Chairperson and her team only pushed in the petitions through the closed doors.
The angry crowd of civil servants gathered outside the buildings expressed reservations, describing the minister as arrogant because of his failure to come and receive or send an official to receive the petition.
The civil servants march proceeded to Parliament where petitions were also handed over to the Clerk of Parliament, Mr. Austin Zvoma, who received them on behalf of the Speaker of  the House of Assembly , Mr.Lovemore Moyo and the President of the Senate, Mrs.  Edna  Madzongwe. The two were tasked with the responsibility of seeing that civil servants issues would be put on the agenda in Parliament.
The outgoing APEX Chairperson, Mrs. Tendai Chikowore then  thanked the marchers for their courage in showing disgruntlement  over  low salaries in the civil service.
Mrs. .Tendai Chikowore who is also the ZIMTA President said   the message had been sent that demonstrating  civil servants salaries  were too low.
She said,” as far as civil servants are concerned the demonstration was not against an individual as alluded to in some quarters of the media, but it was a demonstration over a lack of  salary reviews for the civil service  and the ministry of finance which was expected to provide for the reviews but had not done so, in the midterm fiscal policy review statement.”
“Now civil servants must wait and see what happens next before the next move is taken at APEX Council and at the National Joint Negotiation forum” she added.
Civil Servants are demanding that the lowest paid worker in government be paid a poverty datum line linked salary of 560 United Sates dollars and for the figure to be reviewed upwards as the ladder goes up.
The workers are also calling on the re-introduction of the rural hardship allowance which I must be pegged at 20 percent of one’s salary.
The civil servants demonstration or march comes against a backdrop of endless meetings between government and the workers which have since yielded no results, workers have been restless as   there seems to be no reprieve in the immediate future.




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