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Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) teachers participating in the Southern African Teachers Organization (SATO) games have emerged victorious for the third year running following their clinching of gold medals in Namibia in August this year.

Created 02 - October- 2012



ZIMTA also won gold medals in the Zimbabwe(SATO 2011 games) and Swaziland (2010 SATO games) respectively. Team Zimbabwe won gold medals in Athletics, Volleyball and Basketball during the SATO -Walvis Bay games in Namibia.

The SATO 2012, games were held in the resort town of Swakopmund, Namibia from the 31st of August to the 2ndof September 2012 .

In soccer, the ZIMTA educators came third while Namibian teachers playing under the Namibia National Teachers Union (NANTU) were in the first position. South Africa’s Southern African Democratic Union (SADTU’) came second. In Netball Zimbabwe teachers under ZIMTA was in third position and got bronze.

“Overally, Zimbabwe, performed well in this year’s SATO games, this performance by teachers is highly commendable and we hope to maintain this standard of performance in future games “said the ZIMTA Sports team leader , Mrs. Shamiso Makumbe.

The SATO –SADC games are an annual event where educators from different teachers’ Unions in the Southern African Development Countries(SADC) gather and celebrate their profession through solidarity sports and cultural exchange programs and functions.

The opening ceremony was a colorful event held at Damareskia stadium in Swakopmund where the Deputy President of the Namibia National Teachers’ Union (NANTU) Joseph Dinyando said the country was humbled to hold such a big event

The teachers also took time to exchange cultural programs through song and dance during the SATO night held on the 31st of August in Swakopmund.

SATO member Unions include Zimbabwe’s Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA), Zambia’s National Union of Teachers (ZNUT), South Africa’s Southern African Democratic Teachers’ Union(SADTU),Namibia ‘s Namibia National Teachers’ Union(NANTU),Swaziland’s Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT),Lesotho’s, Lesotho Association of Teachers (LAT),Botswana, Botswana Teachers’ Union (BTU), Tanzania,s, Tanzania Teachers’ Union (TTU), the largest teacher trade unions in Mauritius, Angola and Mozambique are also part of SATO.

The next set of SATO games will be held in 2013 and all member unions are expected to attend. Participants to ZIMTA games are selected from Zimbabwe’s ten provinces during the ZIMTA inter-provincial sporting activities held annually in the month of August.


Southern African Teachers Organization’s affiliate Unions share common achievements and challenges such as declining g standard and working conditions in their professions. Most Unions in countries such as Botswana and Swaziland and to a less extent Zimbabwe have engaged in numerous strike actions in a bid to force the government to review upwards their salaries and working conditions. However the mass actions have not yielded much as some of the employers responded harshly resulting in some teachers from Botswana losing their jobs while the Union leaders from Swaziland have been jailed and cautioned several times for influencing three members to join the strikes. In Zimbabwe,demonstrations and a petition calling on the government to treat the issue of civil servants salary review as an urgent matter was handed over to parliament.








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