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Round one of the ZIMTA women seminars received an overwhelming response and participation of educators from Mashonaland Central and Harare Metropolitan Province with the women calling for more educational workshops on women leadership and empowerment at grassroots levels.


Created 08 November 2012

More than one hundred educators attended the women seminars which were aimed at increasing women participation in ZIMTA activities under the theme ‘Increasing Women’s Voice in ZIMTA’. The involvement of more women educators in decision making processes and leadership posts in the association emerged as a major concern for all participants.

Speaking during the seminar, one teacher from Mupandira Primary School Mrs Chipfunhu said there was need for women educators to take part in ZIMTA activities because they were the majority in the teaching profession.

It is important that we have more women in ZIMTA leadership roles and it is high time ladies get involved in ZIMTA leadership structures at branch, district, provincial and national executive levels” she said

Women said they wanted a strong gender policy established which would be made part of the ZIMTA constitution so as to set aside leadership seats specifically for women only.

women seminarsThey said the endorsement of a specific gender law in ZIMTA which would set aside leadership seats for women from the branch to the national executive levels, is a desirable measure to promote women to higher leadership seats accorded on merit.

In seeking to promote women economic empowerment programmes, Director in the Ministry of Women affairs, Gender and Community Development in Bindura Mrs Hove urged rural educators to enrol with The National Training Centre for Rural Women to gain entrepreneurship and managerial skills in different projects which would ensure that they had extra finances to rely on apart from their monthly salaries.

Mrs Shamiso Chigabo of Dzivarasekwa 4 Primary School said that it was important for ZIMTA to record information on all women’s seminars and activities for effective distribution and dissemination of information throughout the nation to attract more women participation in ZIMTA activities, and trade union activities in particular.

ZIMTA women also advocated for the establishment of tangible projects which would enable them to be empowered. As part of the resolutions to the seminar, one educator called for the opening up of a women’s university to enable all educators to further their studies.

The centre should be established and managed by ZIMTA and in the long run it will become very easy for ZIMTA members to further their education and to implement teacher in-service professional development” she said

In seeking to promote technological advancement skills of the female educators, women want ZIMTA to come up with on-line training programmes and downloading facilities for members to download books, magazines and pamphlets which would ensure efficient circulation of information at all levels in ZIMTA and promote more learning.


The women participants also called for the establishment of a special desk in ZIMTA structures which would focus on the representation of disabled teachers in the union.They said involvement of the disabled educators in the ZIMTA sports through separate games would be desirable.


Manicaland women said that they wanted ZIMTA to involve two separate age groups in its sporting activities in such a way that there would be a group below 40 years and another above 40 years so as to allow senior women teachers to participate in different games.


The union must facilitate the introduction of service awards in appreciation of its long serving members."Long serving members of 5 years, 10 years or 15 years must be appreciated through service awards" noted one senior lady in the workshop.


A review on the COPAC Draft Constitution by Fadzai Traquino of Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association in Harare helped women with a clear insight on women’s rights in international law was done giving women an insight on their legal rights in the constitution, a major step in reconstructing the woman’s voice in ZIMTA and the wider society.





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