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In an effort to ensure the continuous circulation of information within affiliate unions, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) created an Information Officers’ Network page on Facebook called the ‘Labour Information Officers Network’ (LION).


Created 08 November 2012



The facebook page aims at maintaining a strong communication platform where information officers can discuss several issues affecting their respective unions including activities or events.

The other objective was to establish an information officers’ network that would ensure effective information sharing amongst officers from different unions especially the recently affiliated unions into ZCTU such as Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA), Public Service Associations, ZESA Technical Employees Association, National Mineworkers' Union of Zimbabwe and Universities Workers' Union.

The media liaison and publicity workshop was held in Mutare from the 28th to the 31st of August 2012.ZCTU facilitator Mr Gilbert Marembo said, “the workshop will help in reconstructing the information officers’ Network system which was gradually crumbling down due to lack of effective communication amongst affiliate unions”

A survey from ZCTU proved that affiliate union information officers were scattered all over Zimbabwe without collectiveness therefore it was necessary to create an information officers’ network which would equip officers with the basic information gathering skills and understanding their role in trade union economic activities.

ZCTU facilitated the network system as a way to promote information officers’ understanding of the media landscape in Zimbabwe. Mr Valentine Maponga a union journalist emphasized the importance of understanding media organisations, structures and types for officers to understand the effective cooperative ways of handling the media in any situation.

The ZCTU information Officers’ Network’s role would be to mobilise affiliate union representatives to work and participate together in the production of the ZCTU newspaper ‘The Worker’. Its major role being to increase workers’ voices in the print media. The network will help in ensuring that affiliate unions become frequent correspondents to The Worker newspaper as they would be expected to write and send different articles on a monthly basis to the newspaper.

Mr Ben Madzimure, ZCTU Editor of ‘The Worker’ newspaper notes that The Worker newspaper was owned by affiliates and it was high time unions came together as a team to support and publicise this newspaper nationwide.

ZCTU also created the network as a way to ensure collective recruitment of trade unionists within workplaces.He said it was the duty of information officers to make sure that the next person in their respective unions became a trade unionist therefore the system helped in creating effective collective bargaining in recruitment of members in different unions.

ZCTU union affiliates that would participate in the information officers’ network include Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers' Union, Zimbabwe Hotel and Catering Workers' Union, General Agricultural and Plantation Workers' Union, Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers' Union(ZIBAWU), National Engineering Workers' Union, Zimbabwe Textile Workers' Union,

Zimbabwe Railway Workers' Union, Railway Artisans Union, Railway Association of Enginemen, Zimbabwe Security Guards Workers' Union, Railways Association of Yard Operators, Zimbabwe Teachers' Association(ZIMTA), Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trades Workers Union, Cement and Lime Workers' Union of Zimbabwe.





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