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The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Dr Mbizvo says cadetship is a governmental policy initiated by the ministry and any problems with the scheme should be addressed to the ministry and not the individual student therefore principals have no right to demand fees directly from students.

Created: 22 November 2012

Dr Mbizvo said this while addressing a delegation of ZIMTA officials and STAZ students who had visited his offices in Harare to consult on policy issues concerning student teachers’ welfare issues.

With the support from ZIMTA Chief Executive Officer Mr Sifiso Ndlovu, 8 student teacher representatives from different colleges namely, Seke Teachers’ College, Belvedere Teachers College and Morgan Zintec College approached the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Dr Washington Mbizvo with complaints that universities, colleges and institutions were disregarding the cadetship scheme.

Mr Ndlovu said, “the consultative meeting is a step towards eradicating gross violation of Government policies in institutions and schools as rules and regulations governing the cadetship scheme are being disregarded”

The Ministry of Education which is responsible for the payments of the cadetship scheme cited that underfunding of the scheme from The National Treasury had seen principals and administrators denouncing the programme and demanding for immediate cover up payments from individual students, a move which was against the education policy.

STAZ President Tendeukayi Mukurunge said, “the administration is unfairly banning cadetship students from lectures demanding exaggerated fee amounts such as $2 000 per student which has piled up over the terms due to Government’s underfunding, where do our principals expect us to get such money, some of us are only dependant on the scheme for our education?

Ethel Mudavanhu a student from Seke Teachers College also raised alarm on the issues of bonding at the college. She said that the institution was over bonding students in contrast to the number of years that they would have been supported by the scheme hence results of some students were being unfairly over suppressed at the college.

In response Dr Mbizvo said “with the cadetship policy ,the period you are funded is the exact period you will be bonded in Zimbabwe hence principals have no right to breach the policy and measures would be taken by the Ministry to address the bonding problems at Seke Teachers College”

Addressing the issue of fees structures within different institutions, Dr Mbizvo noted that fees structures in all institutions and universities were the same and any college that would contradict that policy would be prosecuted. He said although ancillaries differed from one college to the other, the situation could be negotiated at internally between the college and its students’ board.

Dr Mbizvo also took the opportunity to comment on the issue of Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) degrees, saying that ZOU graduates had approached him with complains over the Ministry’s disapproval of its diploma in teaching. He then emphasized that ZOU officials and graduates should stop petitioning for the validity of their degree as it could not be recognized by his Ministry.

“You cannot call yourself a qualified teacher if you study with ZOU, that’s an understatement as the ministry has disapproved of such a degree, it is better to study with Belvedere Teachers’ College, Seke Teachers’ College or Morgan Zintec Teachers’ College” he said

The Permanent Secretary applauded ZIMTA for representing young teachers and leading them through consultative meetings with his ministry. He highlighted that ZIMTA was doing a great job in supporting young and future educators of Zimbabwe and was setting a good example to other teachers’ unions in the country, that is leading by example.





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