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Ailing and collapsed ZIMTA structures at branch and district levels in the country’s ten provinces are set to receive a boost in 2013, according to the agreement signed between ZIMTA and its international partner, Lararforbundet.

Created 27 November 2012


According to the agreement reached, in September  2012,the two partners  will combine resources and efforts in enforcing activities in ZIMTA structures. It shall become mandatory for ZIMTA Branches to hold recorded meetings in all provinces. The agreement seeks to establish increased activities at branch and district levels which should also favour affirmative invitations in order to allow women participation in the trade union issues. Continued trainings and development on key issues should be discussed at branch and district levels before progressing to provincial and national levels. “Capacity building remains a key issue in all the activities,” said Eva –ElmstedtFrisk, the Lararforbundet International Secretary.


Speaking during the signing ceremony, ZIMTA National President Tendai Chikowore said, “ it is ZIMTA’s wish to see activity and participation in the grassroot structures, every member needs to be fully aware of the union’s activities and to ensure that capacity  for representation of members by other members is established at all levels of the union.”


The cooperation agreement   signing ceremony was attended by the senior officer of the Union, led by the  President, Tendai Chikowore. The international development partner, Lararforbundet was represented by the International Secretary ,Eva-Elmstedt Frisk while the third international partner  Education International (E.I) was represented by Mr. Richard Etonu Eringu.





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