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More than 300 ZIMTAmembers are set to receive residential stands in Harare under the ZIMTA Harare housing scheme for educators.


Created  08 February 2012



The ZIMTA Stands unveiling ceremony shall take place at Caledonia Farm on Friday 8 February at 10 O' clock in the morning.

More stands are expected to be unveiled to members in due course.

In an interview the ZIMTA President, Mrs. TendaiChikowore revealed that hundreds of teachers would benefit at this occasion but more members were set to benefit this year as the program was ongoing.

"Educators from Harare should continue to expect us to assist them further with another 250 stands in phase 17 and 50 more during the course of this year," said Mrs. Chikowore.

To date a cumulative figure of more than 1 200 stands has been allocated to educators in Harare, where ZIMTA has been the facilitator in the acquisition of the residential stands.

Developments at these stands are at an advanced stage and in some areas, private developers in partnership with ZIMTA have concluded in making the developments in civil works and other essential developments that allow for the prospective home ownersto occupy their stands.

ZIMTA Harare Province, started to invest in housing projects in an effort to facilitate access to residential stands acquisitions for its members in November 2010.

It became essential for the Union to engage in the housing project in Harare because a big number of teachers had called upon the Union to find alternative ways of ensuring that their status and professionalism could not be demeaned by their perpetual lodger status . The majority of the educators could not afford to buy stands on the open market due to low incomes hence they were disqualified by sellers.

Long waiting lists at local Council offices were other demotivating and demoralizing factors to educators' dreams to home ownership.
Educators in Zimbabwe used to be a source of pride as they were well remunerated and could afford basic needs such as acquisition of stands and houses but this was no longer the case, as educators' salaries remained low for a long period of time and salary adjustmentswere hard to come by.

"The Harare Housing project is expected to go a long way in alleviating the problem of lack of accommodation for teachers, but while the Harare members have acquired these stands, it is important to note that the housing programs for educators have been flourishing in other provinces such as Mashonaland Central and Manicaland but processes are currently ongoing to ensure that all members in all provinces of ZIMTA acquire housing stands," TheZIMTA President quipped.





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