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The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, (ZCTU), has demanded   employment creation and Social protection from the government.


Created : 06 May 2013


Addressing workers at Gwanzura stadium during the workers’ day celebrations on Wednesday the first of May 2013, the ZCTU President, Mr. George Nkiwane said, “this year we have decided to come up with one specific demand and we shall push for its implementation until there is meaningful and positive development” He further stated that development came through jobs, a statement borrowed from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

This year’s workers’ day celebrations were held at the Gwanzura stadium under the theme,” workers under siege,

organize, unite and fight on” and the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association(ZIMTA)  attended the procession held to

mark the day along side other  ZCTU affiliate members.alt


In his speech , Nkiwane  further  made reference to the  world  employment conference report  and its contents which   appeared to support  ZCTU’s demands for its government to  create employment  and social protection by explaining that  any government that did not create conditions  for its citizens to afford , food, clothing, housing, education, health , public transport and participation in decision making  would be regarded as a failed state.

Also speaking during the same occasion, Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Thokozani Khupe, urged the workers to fight on in reclaiming their space and rights. She told the workers that development was about jobs and the creation of decent salaries.

Ms. Khupe said she was a champion of foreign direct investment because it was one guaranteed way of creating jobs for Zimbabweans. She further urged workers to grab every opportunity held to buy shares in the organizations they worked for.

The Labour Minisiter, Ms Purina Mpariwa told the gathering that, May Day celebrations provided workers with an opportunity to reflect on the achievements made by the workers and the challenges that faced them ahead. She applauded the workers who voted earlier in the year for voting for the new constitution as it provided for the right to collective bargaining, recognized the rights of workers to strike and freedom of association among other provisions.

The minister of labour further alluded to the fact that the Decent Work Country Program which has been running in Zimbabwe from 2011   and expected to    continue until 2015 would continue to be discussed.  She further called on government to ensure that the contents of the Kadoma Declaration were popularized.

Mpariwa further lamented the fact that workers were still earning   salaries     below the poverty Datum line, describing it as a worrying trend.

Giving solidarity messages at the event were organizations such as the Crisis Coalition of Zimbabwe which called on government to provide an enabling environment for all workers to vote in the upcoming elections. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, ZIMCORD, Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe and National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO) were among the organizations giving solidarity messages whose main message was for those in authority to allow workers to exercise their rights in the work place, in national events and those accorded to them in terms of the constitution of Zimbabwe in a free and enabling environment.






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