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The women caucus was one of the show opener as women educators met to discuss and share ideas on how to make it in key decision making positions in ZIMTA.


Created : 07 April 2013


Guest of honour who is the former ZIMTA president Mrs Tendai Chikowore implored women to be united and to support each other especially when it comes to voting as women have a tendency of down playing each other because of jealousy and looking for one’s marital status when one is nominated for leadership posts.

alt“What i want to encourage you is that you should support each other when elections come and nominate your fellow woman folk and stop the pull you her down syndrome because its high time women run the world.”


 Representatives from different provinces hailed the  organisation for planning women workshops that saw women educators being empowered with information on issues to do with domestic violence, will writing and economic empowerment programmes.


The educators said that they have been left for a long time in the economic empowerment drive and were very ready to organise themselves in their respective areas and be involved in mining, farming and even banking as this will even help the over burdened government in issues to do with their meagre salaries.


The women caucus was held alongside the ZIMTA Annual Conference in April this year.





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