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Conference delegates attending the ZIMTA 32nd Annual National Conference in Victoria Falls from the 22ndto 24thof April 2013 deliberated on key issues affecting the profession.


Created  20 May 2013

The delegates suggested some resolutions which would be adopted as a way of dealing with low salaries, demotivation of teachers and the ever –depreciating   poor working conditions among other issues.


The delegates   also came up with other resolutions on the theme of the conference, non-thematic resolutions were also adopted and the administration of the education sector was scrutinized. Women and young teachers also expressed their concerns which then led to the tabling of resolutions that pertained to their special sectors.


ZIMTA Resolutions that came out of the 32nd Annual National Conference held   from 22 to 24 April 2013are summarized as follows:




The following resolutions were taken;


·         ZIMTA organises training programmes for leaders and members in order to educate them and demystify the Indigenisation Economic Empowerment Programme;

·         ZIMTA mobilises resources to prepare to take-up any viable offer under the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Programme;

·         A research into the Indigenisation and Economic empowerment programme be undertaken;

·         ZIMTA lobbies with relevant Ministries and boards to get guidance and representation on the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Programme;

·         ZIMTA expedites the process of participating in the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Programme;

·         ZIMTA commits itself and demands space and stake in the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment programme;

·         ZIMTA acquires/imports laptops on a larger scale and;

·         ZIMTA facilitates buying of cars for teachers;

·         COGNISANT of the fact that teachers have been impoverished by over borrowing personal consumption loans which have put strain on their already depleted salaries; ZIMTA organise members into economic clusters ( Study Circles Group) to be supported in setting up with economic projects that will borrow funds as groups, from commercial partners and relevant financial institutions where ZIMTA provides the necessary technical and financial collateral for such groups;




On non theme resolutions the conference resolved that;


·         ZIMTA promotes women and young teachers’ participation in leadership’ through deliberate programmes, rules and regulations.

·         ZIMTA introduces ZIMTA ID cards to all ZIMTA members.

·         ZIMTA incorporates all constitutional amendments into the Constitution and reproduces same and distribute to either individual members.

·         ZIMTA leaders at all levels be induced and members be educated on their rights and responsibilities.

·         ZIMTA magazines be distributed to grassroots members.

·         ZIMTA members be educated on the ZIMTA Constitution.

·         ZIMTA elections be properly advertised.

·         Newly elected members be inducted in their roles.

·         ZIMTA collaborates with other organisations as Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWALA) and other expertise.

·         ZIMTA to make arrangements with universities so that members can upgrade themselves academically while paying their through SSB deductions.

·         ZIMTA can only increase subscriptions after consulting conference.

·         ZIMTA conducts skills development programmes for teachers such as computers.

·         ZIMTA educates its members on organisational issues.

·         Representation of disabled teachers in ZIMTA structures be considered.

·         ZIMTA introduces service awards for long serving members in the association to encourage retention of members.

·         ZIMTA puts magazines and newsletters on line so they may be accessed by teachers in rural schools.

·          ZIMTA widens the variety of memorabilia given to members.

·         International games include chess and darts.

·         ZIMTA vigorously pursues housing stands for members.

·         SATO games consider all age groups on rotational basis.

·         ZIMTA forges partnership with universities so as to educate younger teachers and attract more members.


On salaries and allowances the conference resolved that;


·         ZIMTA seeks to influence the re-organisation of APEX Council and align the new institution with the new Constitution of this country.

·          Rural Service Allowance be 20% of one’s salary.

·         ZIMTA strengthens its bargain for better salaries and allowances.

·         Negotiations for salaries for the year be concluded in the preceding year.

·         Salaries of teachers and Heads be based on the number of years’ service in the post.

·         ZIMTA investigates salary discrepancies in which some junior members. earn more than their senior counterparts despite having the same qualifications.


On education administration the conference resolved that;  


·         Rural Hardship allowance be introduced.

·         ZIMTA to confirm the issue of pension for members.

·         Conditions for paid maternity leave provided in the Public Service regulations be reviewed.

·         ZIMTA to pursue that retirement of teachers to be based on active continuous service for 20 to 25 years.

·         Payments of bonus rotational and not have teachers getting their bonuses last in December every year.


On special resolutions on women teachers the conference resolved that;   


·         Gender disparities be addressed in most ZIMTA committees at various levels.

·         There be 50-50 representation between men and women in ZIMTA activities/structures.

·         There be a policy that promotes women leadership participation in ZIMTA.


On special resolutions on young teachers the conference resolved that;


·         There be a young teachers’ representative in every structure of the Association.

·         Young teachers also interact with other young teachers in SATO.

·         Young teachers’ workshops be held from branch.





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