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Southern African Teachers Organisations (SATO) union representatives have attended the ZIMTA conference to give their fraternal greetings and to express solidarity with Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association conference delegates.


Created 20 May 2013

In attendance were Southern African Teachers Democratic Union (SADTU), the Tanzanian Teachers' Union (TTU), The Lesotho Association of Teachers (LAT), Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT), The Zambian National Union of Teachers (ZNUT), The Angolan Teachers Union (SINPROF), the Botswana Teachers’ Union, (BTU) ‘Ghana Association of Teachers (GNAT) and Education International Region of Africa (EIRAF).


In her congratulatory message, Lararforbundet President, Eva Lis Siren said her union was looking forward to continue their cooperation with the new leadership elected at the conference. “At this time we would like to send a special appreciation to your national president Tendai Chikowore for taking the lead for struggle and reconstruction of ZIMTA under extremely difficult circumstances...” said Eva Lis Siren

In his solidarity message, Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) Secretary General Roy Mwaba, said ZIMTA needed to maintain non partisan relationships with the government.


He encouraged ZIMTA to work with the government but also warned it from aligning itself to the government at the expense of its members. “ZIMTA has to be independent in its labour movement for the benefit of its members through effective salary negotiations with the government” said Mwaba.


A message of solidarity from South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) Treasurer Lindiwe Mothswane gave special emphasis on the need of ZIMTA to strengthen its labour movement by strongly speaking out for the labour rights of its workers.

“I encourage ZIMTA to be firm on its demands to the government on behalf of teachers in Zimbabwe as we in South Africa are currently exemplifying through a SADTU staged coup against the South African Minister of Education who has proved a failure to the South African educators” she said.


In his message Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) President Samuel Doe Alobuia highlighted that in order to achieve the necessary and strategic goals in the educational effort, the government and the employer had to increase salaries and offer more economic incentives to encourage teachers to be more resourceful and diligent to deliver quality education.


Also in support of the previous speakers, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) delegate, Celia Siwela, said the ZCTU was very disturbed by the attitude of the present government towards teachers ,she said especially the freezing of all working conditions adjustments and promotions.


“This comes at a time when the government increased salaries of its workers by a shocking paltry 5.3 percent, a unilateral decision defeating the whole purpose of social dialogue” said Siwela.


Lesotho Association of Teachers (LAT) delegate highlighted that it had become clear that governments in Southern Africa could not champion the interests of teachers or any other category of workers therefore teachers’ organisations had to take the initiative for enhanced changes.


A solidarity message from Education International delegate Dennis Sinyolo urged unions to focus on the opportunities available to renew strength in trade unionism.


Education International Region of Africa (EIRAF) representative Mr Peter Mabande said, “we in trade union movement face daunting challenges in this century but we should not let these challenges immobilise us”.


Tanzania Teachers’ Union (TTU) President Gratian Mukoba encouraged ZIMTA to urge its members to be vigilant and gallant in their fight for improved working conditions.


Mukoba said apart from fighting for the welfare of members unions had to take charge and protect their nations against post colonialism in the education sector.


Among the delegates congratulating ZIMTA was the Labour Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe (LEDRIZ) delegate Timothy Kondo who commended the union’s efforts in advocating for the formation of the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), influencing the establishment of the two-pathway education and successfully advocating for job evaluation and realignment of the civil service grading system.


Other stakeholders such as the Student Association of Zimbabwe (STAZ), ZB bank, Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Midlands State University (MSU), Capitol Bank and others presented their congratulatory messages at the conference.









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