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Workers' Representatives During Rights Awareness Workshop


ZIMTA workers’ representatives and leaders have gathered in Harare to attend the training of trainers workshop, whose main aim is to advance interests and advance the rights of teachers as workers, in Zimbabwe.


Created: 14 October 2013


The workshop which is being held under the Teachers’ Advancing a Rights Culture (TARC) Project which began in December 2012 and which is co-funded by the American Federation of Trade Union (AFT) and Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) is expected to continue until the year end.
Speaking during the official opening session of the workshop, ZIMTA President, Mr. Richard Gundane, said, “This workshop is a platform for launching the TARC   Project Training Manual and the Workers’ Rights Handbook. In ZIMTA we believe that   human rights are workers’ rights and hence it is our role to ensure that, this training done here today cascades down to ZIMTA members in the schools, where awareness of workers’ rights will be extremely vital.”
Mr. Gundane  highlighted that ZIMTA   was considering ways of seeking an extension of the co –funded ZIMTA and AFT program to ensure that workers’ rights are understood by all.
 The workshops’ objectives include enhancing awareness, consciousness and knowledge on trade union rights among teachers.   Secondly the workshop seeks to increase   teachers’ capacity to articulate issues that pertain to their work environment and to promote integration of gender equality and equity issues in the workplace, trade union organizations and society. Also among the objectives is the need to impart knowledge of national labour laws that govern labour relations in both public and private sectors in Zimbabwe and to  raise awareness of the provisions of the intentional  labour standards with a view to standardize  working conditions in Zimbabwe.


Speaking on the sidelines of the workshop, AFT Representative Mr. Larry Specht said “We are so impressed by amount of work ZIMTA has put into this project. The Teachers’ Advancing a Rights Culture Handbook is an invaluable handbook, and this workshop brings together a talented, dedicated group of union leaders and activists, who  I am sure will do much to empower teachers in Zimbabwe”
The Education International Africa Region  (EIRAF ) representative Mr, Richard Etonu, said “ This workshop which developed  as a result of the cooperation between ZIMTA and AFT is very much in line with Education International’s key priorities which among others,  seeks  to  counter   de-professionalization trends  in  the teaching profession and  confronting  attacks  on education unions and strengthening   of E.I members, one of which is ZIMTA”
Teachers’ Advancing a Rights Culture (TARC) is a joint project being run by the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA), Education International (EI) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), in an effort to promote workers’ rights in Zimbabwe. The TARC project aims at increasing the teachers’ capacity to promote workers’ rights and to encourage civic participation in defending workers’ rights.






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