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It makes sad reading to discover that “Pupils learn in a Beerhall”, a story that appeared in the Southern Eye, Newspaper of 17 February 2014.
The story reports that Grade Zero pupils in Man hole, Filabusi Matebeleland South use an old beer garden as a classroom. 
Created: 18 February 2014
This is totally unacceptable. It is really dehumanizing and this is when the government in its capacity as the first and last provider of education should declare that it has failed its citizenship in playing its mandatory role.
Globally and nationally, Unions and communities are advocating for universal access to education for all. However, we are not concerned with just the provision of education alone, but we would want to see improved and quality learning environments, quality tools and quality teachers being provided for the quality education to take place.
The quality education that we want to see is not just an education that produces good test or examination grades, but an education system that will ultimately contribute to the building of responsible citizens .The education we want should assist Zimbabweans to become good global citzens.
As communities we should understand that education is a human right, and that no-one should be denied access to good quality education, and that the provider of that right, is the Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
Teachers and Parents of Filabusi cannot leave this kind of situation to go unchallenged, education is a human right which must be accessed by all in good quality learning environments. Learning in a Beerhall, must stop forthwith.
Daisy Zambuko ,ZIMTA Public Relations Officer




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