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“Every Child has a right to access a qualified teacher,” says  Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association(ZIMTA) President, Mr. Richard Gundane .

In his thematic address to the 33rd ZIMTA National Annual   Conference, held in Harare from 21 to 23 April 2014, the ZIMTA President, Mr. Richard Gundane highlighted that quality teachers were key for the provision of quality public education in Zimbabwe. 





The conference ran under the theme,   “Quality Teachers, Quality Tools and Quality Environment, A Must for Public Education.”
In his speech to conference, The ZIMTA   President, highlighted that every child or student in whatever education setting had the right to access a qualified teacher.

“An investment in a quality teacher has higher multiplier effects because every good teacher benefits the whole class” he noted.
Gundane told the conference that it was essential that teachers got pre- service and in service training in order to develop and retain highly qualified teachers in the education sector.


Delegates attending the 33rd ZIMTA Annual National Conference, in Harare


He   said,  it was essential for Zimbabweans to commend the government of  Zimbabwe for developing inclusive education  programs such as  remedial teaching, inclusion of children with disabilities and the introduction of the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM), which supported the  education of all children while celebrating their diversity, but he also quickly noted that    teachers and learners  needed and deserved access to modern learning and teaching  tools and resources, and the concern was that government was failing to provide these essentials.
“Our curriculum has less emphasis on the individuality of our learners and yet at this day and age, we need a school curriculum that emphasizes the strengths and also accommodates the needs of all children in the classroom. Inclusive   curriculum generally refers to the integration of children with disabilities and developmental delays, all in one general classroom, “Gundane said.

With reference to the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act 2013 in its declaration of rights, which is provided in section 75, the Right to Education, and provided as follows,

“Every Citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe has a right to
•    1(a)Basic  State –funded education, including basic education
•    1 (b)Further education, which the State , through reasonable legislative and other measurers, must make progressively available and accessible,”

Gundane said, this right placed enormous responsibility on the state and also obligated the Union, to hold the state accountable to achieving its constitutionally guaranteed mandate.

“Our mandate is not to demand for the provision of education only, but it is to demand for the provision of quality public education for every Zimbabwean,” he said.

The 33rd ZIMTA National Annual Conference was attended by close to 300 delegates comprising of ZIMTA delegates, ministry of primary and secondary education officials, trade union representatives from Southern African Teachers’ Trade unions (SATO), other labor bodies and the business community.

ZIMTA remains the leading and largest professional teacher trade union in Zimbabwe representing more than 40 000 professional teachers across the country.





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