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Delegates attending  33rd ZIMTA National  Conference in Harare



The University  of  Zimbabwe (UZ),  Vice Chancellor, Professor  Levi  Nyagura,  has called on the authorities in  the education sector  to  improve the  conditions  of  service for teachers  in order  to enable quality teachers  to remain  in the public education system.


Officially   opening   ZIMTA’s 33rd Annual   National   Conference in   Harare , which ran under the theme “Quality Teachers, Quality Tools and Quality Environment, A Must for Public Education” Professor Nyagura said, “many have crossed boarders to seek better conditions, and they will surely come home if Zimbabwe offers that same or even better conditions   of service so that her investment in teacher education can benefit her own children”

He noted that quality public education in Zimbabwe was as good as available quality schools and quality teachers, who were both dependent on the nation’s willingness to invest in quality learning, teaching and living environment in the schools.
Professor Nyagura   concurred with many other speakers who had spoken before him, who had outlined the important roles played by teachers in achieving quality public education.

The speakers had all confirmed that teachers played a central role in the attainment of quality education in Zimbabwe. They   were against the use of untrained teachers in schools as these compromised the standards expected   of teachers and also the results of the teaching and learning processes.

On the   subject of quality tools, Nyagura said, for public education to be termed superior, it was necessary to identify through research, the factors that affected students’ achievements in schools and then adopt effective teaching and learning methods, adding that it was necessary to review the curriculum regularly to make it relevant and responsive to the needs of the society.

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor alluded to the fact that  Zimbabwe was moving towards the recognition of inclusivity in the education sector, although a lack of policy on inclusion, negative attitudes of stakeholders, inadequate resources and lack of suitable facilities, teachers’ limited skills and lack of support from instructional supervisors delayed the  progress.

The ZIMTA Annual national Conference took place 21 to 23 April at Rainbow Towers in Harare.






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