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Since 1942, ZIMTA looks down memory lane and proudly presents the following achievements


  • Payment of all teachers’ salaries by the state;
  • Vacation and sick leave with pay;
  • Pension and gratuities;
  • Influenced the Provision of Quality Public Education for all;
  • Consultation s with MOESC/MOHATE;
  • Involvement in educational policy formulation, implementation

and education;

  • Influenced, formation of Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU)
  • Influenced the establishment of the two-pathway education


  • Maternity leave with 100% salary;
  • 1987 single teaching service;
  • Recognition of Staff Associations;
  • Awarding of bonus, Rural, Housing, Transport and Education

allowances to all teachers;

  • Establishment of the NJNC forum for negotiating conditions of

service especially, salaries

  • Striving for Harmonized Labour Law......
  • Job evaluation and realignment of civil service grading scheme.
  • Acquired the first National ZIMTA CENTRE/HQ (in1993).






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