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Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) members are set to benefit in various forms following the Union’s acquisition of the Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre in Bulawayo this week.
ZIMTA’s  newly acquired center was previously   used for supporting incoming generating projects, life skills training and workshops in Early Child Development (ECD),building carpentry and welding. It also carried agricultural activities and rural livelihoods on the list of courses offered.
“ZIMTA’s decision to acquire the farm was informed by members’ calls for the Union to generate more income and to ensure the easy sustainability of the trade union activities and labour movement activities in the long run,” said the ZIMTA President, Mr. Richard Gundane.
The acquisition of Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre, a place which is ideal for offering educational and training needs for teachers is generally expected to benefit the teachers in many ways. 
It has been noted that the farm shall be used to run income generating projects for teachers and the proceeds would be invested for future use by the members of the organization.
Another immediate benefit is that members’ needs shall be classified and then ZIMTA training programs will be conducted at the training Centre.  
Agricultural and animal husbandry activities already existing at the farm are set to l be continued in an effort to increase ZIMTA’s revenue inflows.
ZIMTA intends to expand the infrastructure and enrollment of primary school children currently attending school at the training Centre.
“As experts in the field of education, it is our wish to expand  and add value to the learning activities already taking place at Hlekweni, right from EDC level, the primary school education and the vocational school training Centre,” said the ZIMTA President.
“In the long-term, ZIMTA’s vision is to build   a huge asset base for teachers, that should enable the union to see a reduction in members’ subscriptions , more direct benefits to members and retirement benefits to long-term  subscribers to the Union,” he said.
Gundane added that ZIMTA was   in the process of engaging its membership and its various stakeholders on the modalities of how the farm will be run and how to ensure that members become direct owners.
According to, www.hlekweni.org, Hlekweni was founded in 1967 as a partial response to problems facing young primary school leavers in the late sixties unable to go on to secondary education or find formal employment. Training in appropriate rural skills was hoped to assist them living in their villages, and help uplift rural life generally.
Hlekweni farm, which means, “place of laughter,” is located along Plumtree road in Bulawayo.
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