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The Apex  Council, the body that represents  and negotiates on behalf of civil servants has registered disappointment with the new measures pronounced in the Mid Term Fiscal Policy  Statement, stating that new meaures introduced will  only worsen the plight of the  suffering workers.
Created: 19 Sept  2014
The Apex Council wishes to register disappointment with the recently pronounced Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Statement by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development. The Fiscal Policy Statement has a glaring omission on the welfare of Civil Servants. The policy as read, is a clear action of Government taking with the left hand the few dollars it gave with the right. 
Clearly, the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy has left Civil Servants poorer, in that; 
• Taxation on phones and airtime tariffs will deplete disposable income. 
• Increased duty on cheap Japanese cars will disadvantage the poor. 
• Increase on fuel will trigger a host of other increases, further eroding disposable income of     workers. 
These increases can only unleash a spiral of price increases and artificial shortages of goods that will see the attainment of PDL linked salaries for civil servants as a pie in the sky. 
Apex Council hereby urges government to revise the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Statement to reflect on the plight of the over-taxed workers. 
We note and understand that senior Government officials from Director level have recently seen a substantial increase in their salaries and look forward to government cascading this to the rest of its workers in order to recognise rank, seniority, experience and qualifications. 
Finally, the Apex Council demands that the 2015 budget should without fail address the outstanding issue of enhancing the status of Civil Servants by improving conditions of service. 
R. Gundane




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