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Zimbabwe Teachers' Association is ready to host the World Teachers' Day which will be celebrated across the country under the theme Unite for Quality Education, "Invest In Teachers' ,Invest in the Future".


Created : 30 September 2014


The 2014 World Teachers' Day celebrations will be held across Zimbabwe in 10 provincial centres and members are invited to come and participate.
The celebrations will be held at different dates in different provinces, but all commemorations will be held between 3 and 17 October 2014.
The timetable of events is provided as below
ZIMTA World Teachers’ Day Celebrations Centres:
Unite For Quality Education, “Invest In Teachers',Invest In The Future.”
PROVINCE                       VENUE                              DATE                          TIME
Bulawayo                       Host Main celebrations        03 October 2014           10:00 am
Mash Central                   Tsungudza stadium            17 October 2014            09:00 am
Mash East                      Marondera country Club      17 October 2014           10:00 am
Mash West                      Hurungwe district               10 October 2014           10:00 am
Midlands                         Mberengwa  Pri. School       11 October 2014           09:00 am
Manicaland                     Chipinge                             10 October 2014           09:00 am
Masvingo                        Mwenezi district                  10 October 2014           10:00 am
Mat North                      Umguza district                   17 October 2014           10:00 am
Mat South                      Ntalale Pri School               05 October 2014           10:00 am
Harare                           T.B.A                                 17 October 2014            10:00 am




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