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Thousands of   teachers have  turned up to commemorate World Teachers Day celebrations held on the third of October at Large City Hall in Bulawayo amid pomp, music and fanfare.
Year  2014 was Bulawayo Province’s turn to host the main celebrations for the ZIMTA led teachers’ day commemorations.
Created:16 October 2014


The City of Kings did not disappoint, as at least more than 3000 teachers converged in the City Centre to participate in the Teachers’ Day. Led by the army band and by the smartly dressed drum majorettes holding banners   and posters calling on all to unite for quality education and to invest in teachers, they marched through the City Centre up to the City Hall.
Clad in their ZIMTA T. Shirts,the teachers sang and danced inside and outside the large hall, in appreciation of the day.
The 2014 theme for celebrating World Teacher’s day was,Unite forQuality Education, Invest in Teachers, Invest in the Future.
Presenting her speech for the Teachers’ Day, celebrations, the ZIMTA Acting President, Mrs. Shamiso Makumbe, said teacher shortage and lack of fundingwere hidden crises in achieving quality education at national level.
“Following the current trends in teacher stuffing quotas, low recruitment and weak retention strategies, Zimbabwe risks failure to achieve quality education. Zimbabwe needs to activate policies that begin to address the issue of unqualified teachers,’ she said.
ZIMTA Vice President  Mrs. Shamiso Makumbe addressing Teachers at the World Teachers' Day.
Turning on to the issue of education funding, Makumbe said, “insufficient financing is a major challenge facing our countryand threatens the very access to education that we are well known for, let alone quality of education. The funding,matrix of education in Zimbabwe takes the form of central government funding,local authorities, household spending and donor funding. The challenge is, we do not have an accurate analysis of how much the aggregate of these disparate groups spend on education.”
Mrs. Makumbe’s comments came on the backdrop of a launch of the Teacher Capacity Development Project, where government would be seeking to sponsor teachers who choose to further their education. Whilst the project seems noble, the disgruntlement that teachers had was that those teachers that were already possessing higher qualifications were not earning the requisite salaries.
ZIMTA is on record of  advocating for teacher salaries that take into cognizance higher qualifications, seniority and grades, because it is believed that would be the surest way of motivating teachers to continue their in-service training and in the process improve their professionalism.
In her speech, Makumbe said, the teacher capacity development program was one element of quality education, that is having quality teachers, but she noted that the engagement of temporarily or relief teachers in schools did not aid much to the attainment of quality education hence she warned the responsible authorities that continuous dependence on unqualified teachers was tantamount to failure to recognize and appreciate teachers’ expertise in delivering quality teaching and learning.
During the month of October alone, ZIMTA organized celebrations in ten provincial centers and some selected branches which had indicated their readiness to host the global event.
World Teachers’ day is celebrated every year on the 5th of October. The event is coordinated by the international body of educators called, Education International (EI) and the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO).




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