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Created 26 August 2011
Women have been urged to be active and start taking up leadership roles and responsibilities in their work and communities if any significant development or change is to take place in their lives and those around them.

Speaking during the ZIMTA Strategic Women’s Leadership Seminar held from the 21st to the 23rd of August 2011 in Harare, the ZIMTA National President, Tendai Chikowore told women to stand up and be counted by showing willingness and ability in taking up ZIMTA leadership roles.

The ZIMTA National President challenged women saying leadership roles were not a preserve of men, but women had to show ability and work   harder at times to achieve the same status with their rival male candidates in leadership roles and ZIMTA leaders’ election time.

“An organization’s vision, mission and values, are what every leader has to have at their fingertips if they are to make impact and be taken seriously  by their followers” She said.

Chikowore queried the fact that in the teaching profession the majority of teachers  were women, but when it came to  trade union business and  other leadership roles that included heading schools and other key posts, they  became mostly male dominated,  a sign that women were  not ready to lead , or unaware of their rights to  taking up leadership posts.

Yet some analysts believe that  most women lead organizations were quiet successful and some even surpassed those that were male led because women had a unique and motherly approach to leadership  which naturally saw all things flow and produce high quality results.

At the same occasion, women were privileged to hear some presentations from speakers from different Ministries and organizations which talked about how women could benefit from writing wills. They were also updated in terms of inheritance laws and their interpretations.

Among some of the presentation made were Women and HIV AIDS programs in Schools.
More than 50 women teachers participated in the women training workshop.
The two day workshop culminated in the awarding of certificates of participation from the organizers of the workshop to participants. The participants   were all teachers who were drawn from Zimbabwe and ZIMTA’s ten provinces. The women were also leaders of various groups and were part of the ZIMTA leadership structures from their own provinces.

The ZIMTA National Women Leaders’ Representative, Mrs Ebby Zinyemba commended women for turning up in their numbers and urged them to cascade the knowledge and skills that they had acquired during the workshop to grass root structures so that a better and more solid foundation for women leaders could be built and enhanced for the largest teacher trade union in Zimbabwe, ZIMTA.
More women and leadership workshops are expected to run during the course of the year.





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