Women in ZIMTA have recommended that some changes be put in place within the union’s operational structures to enable them to participate in meetings.


Created: 09 April 2015


Women Provincial leaders, who met in Harare in January this year emphasized on the need to have operational and structural changes in place to facilitate inclusion of women in ZIMTA Union meetings and influential positions within the Association.


One women’s rep Mercy   Muradzikwa, a teacher from Gumunyu Primary School said she was advocating for inclusion of women in the post of the President, Secretary General, Treasurer and other top posts in the organization.


The women said they wanted the union to revisit the times for women caucus meeting.


”We need these to be done during day time, to allow for maximum participation .Some of us has families and we our comfortable giving our maximum input during working hours,”they said.


Evelynn Sibanda suggested that women needed more time to study the Zimbabwe and ZIMTA constitution, so women leaders could be wiser leaders and asked ZIMTA to facilitate such workshops.


ZIMTA Teachers at the Gender Policy workshop

ZIMTA Teachers at the Gender Policy Workshop.

Another women rep, Mirriam Mandizvidza recommended that the budget for women activities in unions needed to be increased, so that women projects and voice within the union could be heard and activities become more visible.


The women are set to carry forward their suggestions to the women caucus meeting at the national conference, set to be held in August.


Women teachers are a vital and forceful component in ZIMTA as they are not only the majority in the profession, but most of them have demonstrated unshaken and record breaking leadership skills in negotiations and other labour related activities, at school and  provincial level. Some sit in the ZIMTA national executive board.






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