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Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) has held a Young Teachers’ mobilization workshop in Bulawayo, aimed at enlightening young and student teachers on ZIMTA structures and functions.


The student teachers also got to know of the associate-membership status during the training workshop.

“An associate member can receive legal representation from ZIMTA and may take part in the discussions of the associate meetings but has no right to vote in ZIMTA elections, said Mr. Sifiso Ndlovu, ZIMTA Chief Executive Officer.

Addressing student teachers on the Public Service standards of dress, Mr. Tembo Sibanda, one of the ZIMTA Officials highlighted that, teachers should dress in professional attires for the classroom and should always keep formal jackets in office in case of emergency meetings.

“Human capital development entails that graduate students are given knowledge, skills and positive attitudes because as students you need to be informed, so that you choose wisely your career path,” said Mr. J Dewah, the Director of Tertiary Education Programs.

Responding to questions from student teachers, Mr. Dhewa explained the initiatives provided by the government to cater for graduates who are failing to secure employment in Zimbabwe.

“The graduates are given seed money to start their own businesses which should be formally registered, for example graduates with business skills can provide consultancy on how to run enterprises,” he said.

Teachers who attended the workshop also learnt about the importance of communication among themselves and the union. They also got to know more about different communication platforms within ZIMTA.

ZIMTA mobilization workshops are held periodically to educate members on workers’ rights, conditions of services, labour laws and the essence of trade unionism.

At least 70 student teachers and practicing young teachers attended the workshop held at Elangeni Training Centre in Bulawayo from 10 to 12 July 2015.





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