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School heads have been called upon to embrace technology by accepting and acknowledging teachers’ scheming which is computer typed and send to them via e-mails.


Addressing teachers gathered for the ZIMTA 2015 Annual National Conference in Harare in August, the minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Mr. Lazarus Dokora said typed scheme books delivered to school heads via emails were acceptable and no school head should refuse to accept them.


He said “I have said this several times and to emphasise on this point, a circular from my ministry will have to be drawn and send to schools, so that heads can take this seriously”.


Dokora said this to the applause of teachers who had been denied submission of typed scheme books by school heads.

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education 'Lazarus Dokora'


“No school head should refuse use of ICTs in schools” he said.


“As I speak, I understand that ZBC has put up a link that is going to enable the broadcasting of more channels and I have already asked for a dedicated channel, to put up more programs dedicated to education there”.


Some heads have confessed to be a stumbling block in acquiring ICTs in primary schools but after I started ICT courses for them, I actually see an improvement in the acquisition of ICT gadgets in the schools, Dokora told the delegates.





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