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Created 01 DECEMBER 2011


The most influential teachers’ organization in Zimbabwe, ZIMTA joins the rest of the World in celebrating World Aids Day which is marked globally on the first of December. As the teachers’ union reflects on the theme, Getting to Zero- Zero new HIV Infections and Zero Discrimination, the Union takes pride in having trained at least 2500 Study Circle Conveners in HIV and AIDS education through its EFAIDS program. ZIMTA partnered with other international Organizations such as, UNICEF, WHO, and UNESCO during the EFAIDS programme implementation.

Teachers trained under this programme have touched the lives of many other fellow teachers and learners in Zimbabwe. Some teachers living with HIV are still slowly opening up and declaring their positive status. This has encouraged other teachers to go for voluntary counseling and testing. The Association has provided teachers infected and affected with HIV space to conduct their activities through the formation of provincial support groups.

In 2011, ZIMTA joined the rest of the world in raising awareness on issues to do with HIV and AIDS, through its participation in HIV and AIDS education to the learners and teachers in schools and the wider community through a variety of activities. The ZIMTA  National President , Mrs. Tendai Chikowore, said,  One example of these activities was the popular and well attended ‘One Hour On AIDS’ activities in schools around Zimbabwe, done in  partnership with Education International (EI).

As advocates for teachers’ rights, ZIMTA pledges to continue engaging relevant stakeholders in an effort to improve HIV prevention, treatment, care and support as the year (2015) for achieving Universal Access to HIV prevention, treatment and care.

An Education International (EI) Conference held in Harare (DATE), resolved that HIV and AIDS were a trade union issue.  Hence, Unions had to take action to combat the spread of HIV.  t ZIMTA began a programme of fighting  against HIV and AIDS amongst teachers and learners in the year 1999. It partnered with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to conduct a needs assessment. The needs assessment proved beyond reasonable doubt that HIV and AIDS had impacted negatively on education and communities.

The first group of Master Trainers was trained in the year 2000. The group was responsible for HIV and AIDS training workshops conducted at provincial level. Following this training, another ZIMTA HIV and AIDs programme evolved to another program called EFAIDS in 2006.  Although the funding of the programme  through EI came to an end in the year 2010, ZIMTA continues to provide HIV and AIDS education for both teachers and learners with the goal of achieving quality education for all by the year 2015.
Founded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1988, World AIDS Day has been specifically designated as a day to mobilise resources to combat HIV and AIDS, to increase awareness of the disease and to fight stigma and prejudice against those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. It is also an opportunity to campaign for improvements to the lives of the infected and affected and for an end to the global pandemic. This year World AIDS Day was commemorated under the theme, ‘Getting to Zero - Zero new HIV infections and Zero discrimination.’ World AIDS Day is commemorated annually on 1 December.





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