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The mass stay away that has been called by Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) and other sister unions representing civil servants is resounding success as almost all activities in schools grounded to a halt this Wednesday.


Educators have been facing a myriad of challenges which started with delaying of their bonuses, cancelation of vacation leave and of late the deferment of June salaries.

Through the government induced incapacitation, that has galvanized educators into action. Educators are simply telling the employer that enough is enough!

The government has proved that it is insensitive, despite educators earning salaries that are far below the Poverty Datum Line (PDL), it has failed to honour its obligations of paying our little salaries in time hence affecting our lives.

It is through actions that educators decided to speak with one voice to express their disappointment.

Reports coming from ZIMTA provinces and districts throughout the country indicate that educators are united in voicing out their concerns to the government and are not able are to go to work due to incapacitation caused by the late payment of June salaries.

A snap survey around schools in Harare indicated business  at schools had grounded to a standstill as schools were either closed or only grounds personnel seen milling around the schools as teachers did not report for duty.

The Union encourages all the educators not to be intimidated and to remain united, as the power lies in their hands and avoid playing into hands of political activists that may wish to take advantage of this labour related action.

It is only when we speak with one voice, we are able to claim our rights



The struggle continues





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