As the leading teacher trade union in Zimbabwe, ZIMTA promises to   intensify all efforts and   deploy more resources towards valuing and improving teachers’ status, says ZIMTA chief Executive Officer, Mr Sifiso Ndlovu.

Createad:04 October 2016


“We are happy and in total agreement with this years’ World teachers’ day theme, that seeks to address the value of teachers and the improvement of their status because indeed that is at the core of our trade union business. ZIMTA has always sought to raise the bar for teachers” said Mr Ndlovu during an interview.

He  said, as the union prepared to gather teachers and talk about issues that concerned their value to themselves, the employer, the community and globally, it was crucial that 2016 World teachers’ Day theme be  analysed and be adopted by all stakeholders.
He said as stakeholders made endeavours to move towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals 4 (MDG 4), it would be crucial for all to appreciate the role played by the teacher in ensuring that inclusivity, equity and quality needs were met.
The education sector is currently bedevilled with a host of challenges ranging from a lack and or shortage of qualified teachers in public schools, demotivated teachers who struggle to earn salaries that are above the poverty datum line, poor teacher accommodation particularly for schools that are in the outskirts of towns and further away from the cities, learning environments that are not inclusive to the needs of the poor or the disabled pupils and or were not gender sensitive.
Achieving equity in education still remained problematic, as long as the poor were not having free access to education, then the goal of delivering quality education to all by 2030 would remain a pipedream. ZIMTA advocates for more enabling mechanisms to be put in place so that all and sundry can be accorded the right to access quality public education, which is also a basic human right.
Although, ZIMTA has gone a long way in providing continuous teacher development training opportunities for its own members, a lot still needs to be done to ensure that more teachers in the education sector, have access to teacher capacity building programs   as this would be one way of improving the status of the teacher.
ZIMTA as a member of the Education Coalition in Zimbabwe (ECOZI) has continued to work with various stakeholders in pushing for the establishment of the teaching profession council, a council that would seek to ensure that teachers are engaged and addressed as professionals throughout their careers.





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