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Created: 08- 03- 2012

ZIMTA members show off their newly acquired motorbikes
In its latest bid to ease teachers’ commuting and transport problems, Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association ZIMTA, ,the largest teacher  Trade  Union in the country, has entered into a strategic partnership deal with a local company Eli Mobil which will see  teachers receiving  motor-cycles for transporting them to schools.

Teachers around Zimbabwe are set to benefit from this lucrative scheme aimed at easing teachers commuting problems which are common in many parts of the country.
ZIMTA and suppliers of the motor bikes, Eli Mobil, have targeted teachers in the outskirts of main cities because these had been hardest hit by the problems of lack of transport.

Speaking during a Teachers’ Motorcycle Scheme Launch in Bindura, The President of ZIMTA, Mrs. Tendai Chikowore, said ‘There is need to restore teachers’ dignity by affording them the opportunity to get reliable transport for them to go to work. The motor cycles are only a beginning of more things to come in terms of restoring status to the teaching profession”
ZIMTA member gets a feel of her motorcycle during the program launch in Bindura

She added that conditions of the teaching service needed to be upgraded and the noble profession needed to get the recognition that it once held in the yester year.
Turning back to the issue of motor cycles, Chikowore said all ZIMTA members were eligible to getting the motor cycles. The Motorcycles would be ideal in areas outside the cities which were characterized by rough terrain and could easily be affected by whether conditions.
Problems of  lateness of teachers to schools due to lack of transport from their homes  should be a thing of the past, as teachers can easily travel from their homes to schools without having to wait for  public commuters first.

The ZIMTA – Eli Mobil Motorcycles was launched in Bindura and saw its first batch of beneficiaries there, but the program is spread across the country’s ten provinces to enable all ZIMTA members to  acquire them easily.
A motorcycle beneficiary drives off on his new motobike

ZIMTA is the largest professional Teacher Trade Union in Zimbabwe with a membership of almost 44 000. It is nationally represented in the ten provinces across Zimbabwe.




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