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Teachers in ZIMTA have resolved to   put more pressure on their employer, the government, in demanding for accountability and transparency on issues to do with their remuneration and the betterment of their   conditions of service.
The teachers declared that it was high time   for government to stop its blame games and explain fully why teachers could not be properly remunerated.

Created on 12 July 2017



The teachers declared that it was high time   for government to stop its blame games and explain fully why teachers could not be properly remunerated.
During a thematic committee meeting meant to proffer evidence and solutions to the ongoing problems associated with teachers’ poor remuneration and the ever worsening poor conditions of teachers, the call was to ensure that workshops and advocacy campaigns   to force government to provide resources   would be carried out.

Speaking during the meeting, some teachers claimed that apart from receiving poor salaries, and operating in some appalling conditions where they had to make do with overcrowded accommodation in schools, they also faced intimidation from unnamed high ranking officials within  the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education,   who clandestinely asked them to  shun or resign from trade union activities, or posts  for unknown reasons.

In response to the teachers’ plight, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), President, Mr Justin Mutasa, who was motivating the deliberations on improved salaries and working conditions for civil servants, reminded all teachers that they had a Constitutional right to join trade unions and  assured them that “ they should fear not because their protection was guaranteed”.

It was immediately after this evidence was proffered by teachers, who cannot be named for fear of victimisation, that ZIMTA undertook to campaign against anti  victimisation of teachers who are members of trade unions   and also to  fight the anti- trade union agenda being allegedly  propagated by the said  officials within the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Presenting evidence during the thematic committee discussions, teachers unfortunately said they had become victims of price increases, multi -party democracy issues, the fragmentation of the labour movement  but most importantly low wages and salaries , which were peculiar to teachers , alone.
Apart from demanding accountability, the teachers resolved to also demand accountability in terms of public expenditure by the government  and if need be, to establish budget tracking mechanisms that would assist them in investigating  government expenditure.

Teachers are amongst   the lowest paid civil servants in Zimbabwe, this is despite the high levels of accountability and professionalism that is required from members of the teaching force, a situation that ZIMTA  is working hard to bring to a logical level.





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