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Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) Vice President Thomas Muzondo has appealed to government to recruit more teachers in order for the teacher pupil ratio to tally.

Created on 1 August 2017



Muzondo was addressing delegates at the Global Action Week for education celebrations held at Chipindura High School in Bindura on 20 July 2017.

“Teachers are presiding over big classes with approximately 90 pupils and we want Government to recruit more teachers, this should be done with speed.”

The ZIMTA Vice President also called on government to address the vacation leave issue as teachers are the only civil servants that do not go on leave, currently.

“As educators we are so confident and I know you will allow us to have our vacation leave which has for a while been taken from us, we are the only civil servants who are not going on leave and I would like to believe as you leave this place Honourable Vice President, I know you will revisit this issue.”

ZIMTA Mashonaland Central Chairperson, Gibson Chigama echoed the same sentiments at the event citing that teachers were working hard to the extent that some were succumbing to exhaustion related illnesses.

Muzondo added that there was need to also address the issue of teachers’ salaries and allowances as many teachers had remained committed to their profession despite the low remuneration levels.

“We are appealing that the plight of teachers in terms of salaries and allowances be addressed as I am confident if we have command farming, we are going to have command salaries and allowances soon”.

Responding to the ZIMTA Vice President’s statement, the Vice President Emmerson  Munangagwa promised to look into the issue.

“Government is committed to improving the conditions of service for those in the civil service and the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education should raise these grievances in parliament so that they can be addressed”. he said.

Other organisations attending the event included The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI), The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Camfed and Save the Children.





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