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Teachers Need Empowerment: Says ZIMTA

The ZIMTA Secretary General, Mr Tapson Nganunu  says teachers’ empowerment should   be realised through government’s payment of  proper salaries and  allowances for all qualified teaching  staff, adding that the recruitment of qualified teachers must become an immediate goal if the 2030 , Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 is to be achieved in Zimbabwe.

Created on 4 October 2017

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SDG number 4 calls   on all governments to ensure   inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030.

Speaking in an interview on the eve of the World Teachers’ Day celebrations   which are to be held on 5 October worldwide, Nganunu observed that, the 2017 World Teacher’s day theme, “Teaching in Freedom  Empowering Teachers “ spoke very closely to the aspirations of the Zimbabwean teacher who longed for empowerment and freedom in their profession.

“As teachers we need this empowerment, our teachers need befitting salaries, they have gone through the necessary steps that qualify them to earn   respect for their work of empowering   and imparting critical skills in   learners that shall be used for generations to come, yet the quality of recognition that is earned through low salaries is unacceptable to this profession” he observed.

According to Mr   Nganunu, ZIMTA  is advocating for the employment of qualified staff in schools because that  is the only way of guaranteeing that quality education is delivered in all schools at  all levels.

“ The teacher today has lost a number of benefits, imagine that the rural allowance that used to attract qualified teachers to come and teach in remote areas is now so little , it’s no longer an incentive, added to that we have a new curriculum that requires us to pull up our belts yet the resources for doing so have not been provided adequately, surely we need to be empowered and to be given the freedom to carry out our work the  way we know best, but Government must provide the tools, and the resources and motivate us to work through , ‘ improved salaries” that is our incentive, at least the most important one, “ said Nganunu.

World Teacher’s Day is celebrated annually and globally every 5th day of October. According to UNESCO the international teachers’ day   represents significant contributions that teachers make to education and development. Education International, (E.I) a federation that represents education professionals worldwide, where ZIMTA is also affiliated to, also believes that the principles of 1966 and 1997  Recommendations should be considered for implementation in all countries.





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