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Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA ) has launched a motor vehicle project aimed at resuscitating the unions' Bereavement fund scheme for its members.
Created 31-May-2012
Adapted from the Newsday
One of the countrys leading car dealers, Croco Motors, availed 30 Ford Ranger pick-up trucks for use by ZIMTA members during bereavements.
Speaking at the motor vehicle project launch in Harare last Friday, ZIMTA  president Tendai Chikowore said the vehicles were meant to motivate underpaid teachers whose salaries remain one of the lowest in the region.
It is no secret that teachers in Zimbabwe are underpaid, with salaries below the poverty datum line.
Demotivation is high and the poor working conditions further aggravate the low morale, but as a union it remains our responsibility to see to it that Zimta members, after having lived and worked hard under difficult conditions, deserve and must get decent funeral assistance from their union, said Chikowore.
The all-terrain, robust workhorses, branded as the Ford Ranger pick-up trucks launched this afternoon, will cover any distance and terrain in Zimbabwe.
As ZIMTA moves further to reposition its branding and its offering of the union with the best service, it also seeks to differentiate itself from the rest by associating its brand name with the Ford Ranger.
The ZIMTA bereavement scheme vehicles that you see this afternoon are meant to cover all and any type of distance for the member. They will go anywhere within Zimbabwe and ensure that the body of the deceased is finally taken to its resting place comfortably, peacefully and at no extra cost to the bereaved families.
Chikowore said the vehicles were purchased through a credit facility from ZB Bank.




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