ZIMTA to address gender imbalance Print

The second round of Strategic Women Seminars ended on a high note with women calling for more leadership seminars and recommending that the ZIMTA constitution must set aside positions specifically reserved for women.


Created   10 December 2012



The seminars were aimed at increasing women participation in ZIMTA activities, and were held under the theme ‘Increasing Women’s Voice in ZIMTA’. More than 150 educators attended the women seminars. Decentralisation of power in the ZIMTA constitution and the involvement of more women in ZIMTA leadership emerged as major recommendations from all participants.


Participants at the Bulawayo Seminar share  lighter momentsIn Bulawayo 35 women attended the workshop, 33 women attended in Mash East and Matebeleland North had the least number of women participants with 30 women attending the seminar.


Speaking during the seminar a teacher from Mashonaland East Province, Mrs Elizabeth Kuhuni said there were gender disparities in the ZIMTA constitution which resulted in most of the influential positions being occupied by men and there was need for revision of the constitution’s provisions.


“Looking at all the positions of influence in ZIMTA, they are all male dominated, we had never heard of a female P.EO. There is need to create a safe space for women.”, she said.


Women in Mashonaland Central advocated that gender disparities needs to be addressedA review of the inheritance laws by Isabel Mapingure from Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association ( ZWALA) helped women in having a clearer insight on the importance of wills due to the defaults of inheritance laws.


Speaking during the seminar Blantina Sangare from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community development in Marondera, said women were legging behind in economic empowerment programmes and that was the reason why they were not able totake up leadership positions.


“Women must venture into business because economically empowered women have a voice”, she added.


In seeking to empower women Pamhidzai Thaka from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development in Bulawayo encouraged women to venture into economic empowerment programmes citing that teachers were reluctant to venture into business.


“So far at our ministry here in Bulawayo, we haven’t seen teachers who want to take up economic empowerment programmes”, she said.


Mrs Thaka challenged educators to be creative and advised them to make use of the Yoweri Museveri Approach, “whatever you have make use of it”, citing that there were a group of individuals in the city who were manufacturing necklaces from old magazines.


She encouraged teachers to form isles like the one rand club which had taken the city by storm.


Women in Matebeleland North suggested that ZIMTA must help them upgrade their educationSpeaking during the seminar Mr Ashbell Musaringo from Solidarity Centre challenged women in ZIMTA to take up leadership positions and participate in all ZIMTA activities since they constituted the majority of the ZIMTA population.


“Women must refuse to be statistics in the of the Association, but they must participate in all activities and they must be eager to take up leadership positions.” , he said.


Some of the women recommended ZIMTA to assist them in upgrading their education because most of them wanted to upgrade their education levels.


Mashonaland East, Matebeleland North and Bulawayo were the last to complete an all round women seminars targeting women in ZIMTA’s ten provinces.