ZIMTA Conducts Workshop to Produce Rights Manual Print

 Zimbabwe   Teachers’   Association (ZIMTA),   Solidarity   Centre,   Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, (ZCTU)   and   LEDRIZ   a research   Institute,  based in Harare, are working on producing  a Workers’ Rights Manual.


Created: 12 March 2013



The Manual Writing project is being carried out under a program funded by the American  Federation  of   Teachers (AFT) under   a project called, Teachers  Advancing a Rights Culture (TARC) .

The Rights   Manual is expected to   be published in June 2013 and more than 3000 materials on workers’ rights shall be produced
The ZIMTA-E.I- AFT workers’ rights project objectives include, increasing teachers’ capacity to promote workers’ rights, increasing teachers’ capacity to promote workers’ rights and encourage civic participation. Defending workers’ rights and improved relations between teachers’ unions  and community stakeholders  through  collaboration  to advance workers’ rights.