ZIMTA acquires Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre) Print
Press Statement           
RE: ZIMTA acquires Valindre Farm ( Popularly known as  Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre)
1.0 Preamble     
Following the 33rd ZIMTA Annual conference held at Rainbow Towers Hotel on  21 - 23 April 2014, resolution Number 1 on ZIMTA Administration and herein quoted that ZIMTA should invest in income generating projects to augment membership subscription e.g. schools and clinics we hereby inform members, and stakeholders that; ZIMTA has acquired Valindre Farm popularly known as Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre.
ZIMTA took ownership of the farm, a piece of land measuring 718,2275 hectares situated in the Matobo District and held under the title 594/85, inclusive of  various infrastructure
2.0 Business at the Farm        
Hlekweni is well known in Matebeleland for skills training , offering quality courses in metal work, building, plumbing, bakery, animal husbandry, poultry production, piggery, cattle ranching etc.
2.1 Productive Work                    
The productive work on the farm prior to its collapse was known for supplying food to the community and surrounding institutions.
2.3 Future projections
ZIMTA intends to scale up this business,  produce more farm products ,add more courses to the traditional ones. Some of the courses will be in labour education, peaceful conflict resolution, tourism just to mention but a few.
3.0 Benefits of ZIMTA - Ehlekweni Training Institute
ZIMTA - Ehlekweni Training Institute will seek to bring the following benefits to members of ZIMTA, the Community, and Zimbabwe in general.
3.1 Educational Benefits
ZIMTA - Ehlekweni Training Institute will  continue to upgrade school leavers with skills that are likely to improve the quality of life for individuals and the surrounding community.
3.1.2 Hold vacation school seminars or weekend schools for members.
4.0 Economic Benefits
Through production , the Institute will improve revenue inflows and consequently improve ZIMTA service delivery at individual and collective level.
4.1 While giving new lease of life to Hlekweni, ZIMTA - Ehlekweni will give the Association another 70 years, thus it is an investment guaranteeing self sustainability.
4.2 Through practical life skills the institute will stimulate job creation.
5.0 Social Benefits
Through semi - skilled labour jobs which are mostly in the rural areas we believe we will help thousands of school leavers to fit into the current and future social context d transform their lives
5.2 Improve quality of life for our members and the community.
6.0 Conclusion
A new Ehlekweni is emerging building on a sustainable model of social, economic, and educational matrix guaranteeing financial stability for posterity . This project meets our previous  conference thrust of "enhancing the status of teachers through economic empowerment" and the 2014 theme of " Quality teachers, Quality Tools and Quality  Environment a must for public education.
This announcement marks the beginning of a journey towards improving the quality of our balance sheet, contribution to the education  and the economic development of this country.
I Thank You
Edgar Moyo
ZIMTA National Treasurer
For ZIMTA President.