ZIMTA Women‘s Workshop on the Cards Print

Women teachers holding various leadership positions in ZIMTA are set to benefit from a three day workshop which is set to run from 27 to 30 June this year.


The workshop which is running under the theme “Reconstructing ZIMTA together” will attract participants from all the ten provinces and its major objective is to incentivise women, both young and old to get into union leadership positions.

“This initiative is in line with the dictates of  the new Zimbabwe Constitution which calls for a 50- 50 representation  in leadership roles, and as ZIMTA we would like to take the lead in empowering  and encouraging women to get into leadership roles, “ said the ZIMTA women’s representative, Elizabeth Mahiyana, during an interview.

She said, “there is need for   renewal and revival in the way we do things in trade unions, hence there is also need for us to give women a voice, and this workshop seeks to ensure that women are empowered with the trade union member organising tools that they need, to recruit each other and take up trade union posts just like the men in trade unions so as to   ensure a gender balance and full representation in all issues”

The workshop’s objectives   will be to identify legal instruments to promote gender equality, to identify and analyse the roles of women in the union structures and develop recommendations and strategies for increasing women participation in the trade union,   among other objectives.

Key and experienced   facilitators have been drawn from, ZIMTA, local organisations and the African region. These will be expected to share best practice, experiences and to enable participants to acquire and share experiences for growth and development.

“We are very, very excited, and this is a first for ZIMTA and we look forward to full participation by influential women leaders in ZIMTA, and lastly we want to call upon    the ZIMTA men to support the women in their endeavour to take up big posts in the union, because indeed some of them have so much to contribute and all these new ideas can turn around the way we see trade unionism in Zimbabwe and in Africa generally,” quipped   Mahiyana, the National Women’s Representative.