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Although the ZIMTA 2017 elections were tightly contested, Tapson Sibanda emerged as the winner, clinching the hot seat of Secretary General.

Created on 13 June



The Secretary General elect, Mr Tapson Nganunu Sibanda attended school in Gwanda, he started temporary teaching in 1985 until 1990. He decided to train professionally as a teacher at Gwanda Zintec College from 1991 to 1994.It was during those years that the seed of leadership started to sprout and Sibanda became the School Representative Council (SRC) president at Gwanda  Zintec College.

During his teaching practice days,Sibanda cherished the encounters  that  he had with ZIMTA leaders of that time, the likes of T.K Bafana and M.C Ndlovu who invited him to meetings and inspired him to join the union. Since ZIMTA was the only teachers' voice at the time, Sibanda saw it as a platform for him to assist teachers who had problems and also have his voice heard. In 1995 he officially joined ZIMTA.

Since then Sibanda has held numerous positions in ZIMTA. From the humble beginnings of being a Branch Secretary, he became a branch chairperson. He then rose to the position of Provincial Primary Representative where he moved upwards to Provincial Vice Chairperson and to Matabeleland North Chairperson, a position he held for the past 10years.

The 2017 Secretary General elect, Sibanda attributes his success to his humble character which has made him a favorite amongst many ZIMTA members. He also considers educational qualifications to be the formula to great leadership as he is a holder of a Master's degree in Educational Management with Zimbabwe Open University.

Sibanda is currently the Headmaster at Mbalibali Primary School in Tsholotsho. Asked to give a brief overview of what he expects to do in his new job, Sibanda says he is looking forward to taking over and addressing problems that teachers are facing with haste ,the issues include vacation leave, alignment of labour laws with the Constitution and improving the conditions of service for teachers among many others. “Improving the conditions of service remains very critical”he says

Sibanda says as the new Secretary General of ZIMTA, he is set to take on his responsibilities without fear or favour, acknowledging that in leadership, one is bound to step on other people's toes. He is also looking forward to taking young teachers along as they still have a lot to learn and have the potential to take the union further.

Sibanda became Secretary General of ZIMTA, with effect from 25 April 2017.