Young Teachers Concerns Highlighted at 2017 Conference Print

Young  teachers  , those aged below 35years, attending the 36th Annual National  Conference have  called for the establishment of an interim committee at national level that shall work with the research department in articulating and   establishing the young teachers’ roles within the union structures and  an increased number of workshops in order for their mandate to be quickly cascaded to their peers, among  many other recommendations.

Created on 14 July 2017



In their list of recommendations produced during the 2017 Annual National Conference, the young teachers also called for   progressive  Constitutional amendments  that should  enable young people to freely participate in the trade union  election processes   at all levels.

Apart from the recommendations list, the young teachers expressed gratitude to the Association’s leadership for their decision to invite them to attend  the national elective conference.

One of the young teachers who spoke on condition   that he was not named, said, he was very grateful, because he had seen the conference as a launchpad to his career in the trade union movement. He said  he viewed the conference  as a platform for  grooming  youngsters like himself.

“I can already see myself being voted ZIMTA president in the not so distant future, I have seen what it takes, and I am not afraid, I’m bold, I am in touch with the people, I represent them very well every day at school level, and now I see that I need to take my leadership skills to a higher level and lead the Union at very high levels, I know what teachers want“he chuckled.

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, the young teachers mostly indicated that they were quite happy to be at the conference. They said that the interactions at that level boosted their confidence and opened up lots of learning platforms and knowledge transfer opportunities, which they could not have easily accessed from their branch and provincial meetings.

As a collective, the 2017 group of young teachers attending the annual Conference resolved to put into maximum use all the knowledge that they had gathered during the conference period and to use the same to organise other young teachers at school level so that they may develop the confidence to carry forward the work of trade unionism.

In his inauguration Speech, the Secretary General elect, Mr Tapson Nganunu Sibanda pledged to organise young teachers and to bring them much more closer to the union agenda, with a view of reviving teachers’ working conditions and the quality of education in Zimbabwe as a whole.